Children Cleaning Activities

As people are practicing social distancing, bonding with your family is at an all-time high. Of course, it can be difficult to entertain your children across the day. This is particularly true if you are now working from home. Lucky for you, we are here to help. 

Since now is the ideal time to teach your kids several life skills, here are a couple of fun cleaning activities that can keep your children busy. Don’t forget to visit for more home cleaning tips and tricks! 

I Spy 

Do you see a lot of dirty dishes accumulating in your living room? Or perhaps there are a lot of shoes building up by the back door? Here is an activity that can certainly speed up the pickup process. First, you should have your children stand in a particular spot in the room. Then, you say “I spy a red plate”. Your kids will then race to see who can find the red plate first. Make sure that the winner will be the one who can deliver the item to the right place, such as a shoe rack or sink. You can easily get rid of clutter after a couple of rounds.  

Laundry Race 

Another activity that you can do is the laundry race. Here, you can have your children sort out their light and dark laundry into various baskets. Set a timer and see who can make it to the laundry machine first. The winner will be the one who properly sorted their clothes.  

Scavenger Hunt 

Hide a couple of pieces of candy in every room of your children. Take a picture if you need something that will remind you of where you hid them. It is time for your kids to start hunting after you have hidden the treats. Tell them that the clue is that the treatment will be revealed when they clean their room. The better they clean, the more treats will be revealed. Perhaps a piece is hidden in their messy bed. 

Add Some Music 

Adding music can motive your kids. Let each kid choose a song they love and queue it up. You can assign various items in your house that has to be cleaned during every song. Kid #1 is in charge of vacuuming the living room, kid #2 scrubs the stove, and kid #3 takes on cleaning the guest bathroom. They clean their assigned spot until the song is done and then new chores are assigned for the next song.  


Have your kids go through their room and categorize their toys into 3 groups – trade, trash, and keep. Tell your kids to place at least 4 items in their trade group as they are sorting. Gather everybody in the living room and have them lay out the goodies from their trade group after the organizing is done. Then, you’re going to trade them. For instance, a single stuffed toy gets traded for a box of toy soldiers. Your kids will certainly love to have new things to play with and their rooms are already organized.  

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